0Xc0000076 Error in Home windows ten

The 0xc0000076 error is prompted by a deficiency of a “library” on Windows, usually Visual C++, DirectX or related.

The error reveals when you are trying to operate a “massive” application these kinds of as a game or some form of graphics application. It is prompted for the reason that the application will call for an factor from the library, which is both not installed or not available on your method.

The error will usually show as “0xc0000076” or more commonly “0xc000007b” error, cited following the application attempts to load.

The way to resolve this problem is to guarantee that you have the acceptable library / dependencies essential by the application to operate. It must solve ninety% of the troubles with the error.


The regular error concept for the 0xc0000076 error is as follows:

The application failed to initialize thoroughly (0xc0000076)

The essential to correcting this is to understand that just about every application on Windows calls for a collection of “libraries” or “dependencies” to assist it operate.

These libraries are saved on the hard drive as DLL information, applications these kinds of as DirectX and “redistributable” deals these kinds of as Visual C++. While Microsoft distributes most of the most well-known libraries, there are a quantity presented by other firms also.

The base line of the 0xc0000076 error is that your method is not able to load the dependencies essential to operate the application.

Resolution Ways

1. Reinstall Visual C++

Visual C++ is usually the perpetrator here. It is a selection of plans dispersed by Microsoft to assist boost the performance of Windows.

Sad to say, like a lot of things “Microsoft”, they have overcomplicated it – generating VC++ a entirely third party download and splitting up involving diverse variations, each and every of which has to be downloaded in order to supply the essential performance.

Sad to say, it is often the scenario that even if the correct VC++ is installed, it gets to be destroyed or corrupted, blocking applications from looking through it the right way.

The very first move to correcting the 0xc0000076 error, as a result, is to guarantee you have installed the latest variations of the essential VC++ redistributable deals…

    • In Windows seven, simply click on to “Start off” &gt “Control Panel” &gt “Incorporate / Clear away Packages”
    • In Windows ten, correct-simply click on to “Start off” / “Windows” button &gt find “Packages and Characteristics”
    • From the listing that appears, find any variations of “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable”, and Be aware DOWN their year quantity (this is critical)
    • After noting down the a long time, you must then correct-simply click each and every of the listings and find “Uninstall”
    • After uninstalling them, restart your Pc
    • After restart, you can expect to have to have to browse to Google and seem for “Microsoft latest visual C++ deals”
    • For each and every of the “a long time” that you pointed out down prior to, download the acceptable download and set up.

A quick be aware on this topic – when you download each and every VC++ deal, you can expect to be questioned no matter whether you want the “x64” or “x86” edition. This corresponds to the “architecture” of your method.If you might be not absolutely sure which edition of Windows you have, you have to have to do the following:

    • Press “Windows” + “R” keys on your keyboard
    • In the “Operate” dialogue, kind “dxdiag” and press “Enter”
    • When DXDiag reveals, seem for the “Running Procedure” listing
    • Get be aware of no matter whether it is really 64-little bit or 32-little bit – 64-little bit is x64 and 32-little bit is x86
    • From there, you must set up the numerous VC++ deals and then let it operate.

two. Update DirectXFollowing, you have to have to update DirectX.

DirectX is a main factor of Windows which enables your method to operate 3D graphics etcetera.

Sad to say, thanks to a lot of online games etcetera putting their possess variations of DirectX information on to your method, it is often the scenario that applications will show a massive quantity of mistakes etcetera with it.

If this is the scenario, you can expect to want to set up the “update” to DirectX which must change any of the likely destroyed information it may well have…

    • Click on to “Google” and seem for “DirectX Obtain” – simply click the very first link
    • Click on the orange “Obtain” button
    • Click “No many thanks and proceed”
    • Help save the file to your hard drive
    • Open up the application and simply click as a result of the process (make absolutely sure you never accept the “Bing Bar” scamware)
    • Enable it set up the information essential to update DirectX
    • Restart your Pc

When your Pc has restarted, you must continue to the future move.three. Reinstall.Internet

.Internet is related to the previously mentioned two dependencies, in that it presents a massive quantity of characteristics, information and options essential to get Windows working thoroughly.

Sad to say, like the other people, it can turn out to be destroyed or corrupted. If this is the scenario, you can expect to want to update it to the latest edition, which can be completed with the following:

    • In Windows seven, simply click on to “Start off” &gt find “Control Panel” &gt “Incorporate / Clear away Packages”
    • In Windows ten, correct-simply click on to “Start off” / “Windows” button &gt find “Packages and Characteristics”
    • From the dialogue that reveals, simply click on “Flip Windows characteristics on or off” – Uncheck “.Internet three.5” and “.Internet 4.six.two” and then simply click “Okay”
    • Enable the uninstall process happen &amp restart your Pc
    • After restart, you can expect to want to seem on Google for “.net world wide web installer”
    • Click the orange “Obtain” button and then continue to set up the deal.

This will change any of the.Internet framework information which may well be destroyed or corrupted on the method. This will essentially reset the bulk of dependencies on your method which *could* be destroyed.Further more to this, you can expect to also want to guarantee any “registry” mistakes are cleaned out on your Pc…

4. Thoroughly clean Out Registry Mistakes

Registry mistakes are prompted when the Windows “registry” gets to be destroyed or corrupted.

The registry is a central databases which Windows employs to shop all the options and solutions your method calls for to operate.

This databases is dependable for everything from your desktop wallpaper to user avatar. Sad to say, it can turn out to be destroyed or corrupted – blocking your Pc from currently being ready to examine the options it calls for.

To correct this, you can expect to be most effective cleaning it out with a “registry cleaner”:

    • Obtain a trustworthy registry cleaner device (I only advise CCleaner in 2018 which is accessible from “Piriform” – just Google “CCleaner Obtain”)
    • Set up the device and load it up
    • Enable it scan the registry of your method (other areas like Junk Files never issue so a lot)
    • After the scan, clean up / get rid of any of the troubles it found
    • Restart your Pc

This not only assures you might be ready to correct any of the prospective troubles that your laptop or computer may well have, but it also assures that you might be ready to operate the plans correctly.5. Thoroughly clean Out Malware &amp Reinstall Graphics Driver

If the previously mentioned steps never do the job, the future is to reinstall your system’s graphics driver (of course, this is a legitimate cause of the error).

To do this, you can expect to want to download “DDU” (Screen Driver Uninstaller) from Guru3D. This gets rid of **all** of the graphics driver program that your method will have installed…

    • Click on to the DDU download webpage: (you can expect to have to Google “DDU Obtain”)
    • Help save the file to your method
    • Restart your Pc into “Secure Manner”

To do this, there are different ways relying on which edition of Windows you might be managing:

    • In Windows seven, simply click on “Start off” &gt “Restart”
    • When your method restarts, press F8 regularly on the keyboard prior to everything starts to load
    • This will convey up the “Sophisticated Boot Choices” menu from which you have to have to find “Secure Manner”
    • In Windows ten, simply click on “Start off” / “Windows” button (base left corner)
    • Pick the “Electricity” button – Keeping Change, press “Restart”
    • This will convey up the blue “Restoration Surroundings” display.
    • From here, pick “Troubleshoot” &gt “Sophisticated Choices” &gt “Startup Options” &gt “Restart”
    • When the method reboots, it will load the “Sophisticated Boot Choices” display from which you can expect to be ready to pick “Secure Manner” From here, you can expect to enter “Secure Manner”.
    • You have to have to simply click on to the DDU application you downloaded and then let it operate.
    • You will want to pick “Thoroughly clean and Restart (Proposed)”.

This will wholly get rid of the graphics driver, which *must* resolve any remaining occurrences of the error. Enable the method restart into “regular” manner and then try loading the application once again.When in “regular” manner, you can expect to have to get the graphics driver installed once again. In Windows ten, this will usually be completed routinely. The stage is that if you have some custom driver, it may well be triggering some form of conflicts, which will be resolved by fully eradicating it with DDU.

If the previously mentioned would not do the job, you may well have a further difficulty in just Windows.

Aside from applying a more highly effective error cleaner device, you may well benefit from trying to find more precise suggestions. To do this, I would advocate both observing a restore dude (who’ll have *precisely* the very same tips as me), or asking on line.


There are a number of products and services which can do this. These are totally free and essentially give you the potential to get suggestions certain to your error/problem with out owning to hold out for the generic guidance made available by most outdated “tech guidance” products and services.


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